Conference program


 Monday: December 15, 2008


9:00 --:        Meeting of the Deans

                        Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Colleges of Computing and

                        Information Society

15:00-19:00: Registration  

20:30-22:30: Presentation of StoneSoft Products  


 Day 1                         Tuesday: December 16, 2008                              

08:00-09:00: Registration  

09:00-09:30: Opening Session  

09:30-11:00: Keynote Speaker  

 Dr Richard T.Watson (Department of MIS, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, Athens GA)

                        The Business of Open Source Software

11:00-11:30: Coffee Break  

11:30-13:00: 4 Parallel Sessions   

Room A

Session A-I: Information Security

Secure and Efficient Group Key Agreement Using Dynamic Balanced Key Tree Management

Arul Selvam Palani Samy, Anto S

Virtual Class Security Based on Elliptic Curve Approach

Hamza A. Ali, Adnan H. M. Al-Helali, Ayman Al-Nsour

An Efficient Signature System using Optimized RSA Algorithm

Rania El-Sayed, Mostafa Abdo Azeem, Mohammad Gomaa

A New Approach for Data Encryption Using Genetic Algorithms

Abdelsalam Almarimi, Anil Kumar, Ibrahim Almerhag

Copyright Watermarking in MPEG 1 Files

Ali Retha Hasoon

Room B

Session B-I: Image Processing

New Image Processing toolbox Using MATLAB Codes

Nassir H. Salman

Image Segmentation by Level Set Method and Image Scale Cooperative Analysis

Mohamed Yaghmorasan Benzian, Nacera Benamrane

Multi-valued image enhancement using diffusion-shock filter coupling

Salim Bettahar, Amine Boudghene Stambouli

Color Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform-Modified VQ

Bushra Al-Abudi, Ali Hussain

Room C

Session C-I: Information System & Geographical Information System

A new Approach for Developing Ontology from Generated Ruleset

Haya El-Ghalayini, Faten Kharbat

Formalisation of Evolution Changes to Update Domain Ontologies

Sassi Jaziri Najla, Jaziri Wassim, Gargouri Faiez

A Mapping Process for Application Ontologies Integration

Razika Driouche, Zizette Boufaida

Contribution to the evaluation of a design UML: application to the sequence diagrams

Wiem Khlif, Mohamed Tmar, Faiez Gargouri

Room D

Session D-I: Special Session: Arabic Language Processing

Improving Q/S using Arabic Wordnet

Lahsen Abouenour, Karim Bouzouba, Paolo Rosso

Anaphora in Arabic Language: developing a corpora annotating tool for anaphoric links

Souha Mezghani, Lamia Belguith, Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou

A Markovian Approach for Arabic Root Extraction 

A. Boudlal, R. Belahbib, A. Lakhouaja, A. Mazroui, A. Meziane, M. Ould Abdallahi   Ould Bebah

Alignement of Bilingual Named Entities in Parallel Corpora French-Arabic 

Authoul Abdulhay, Olivier Kraif 


13h00-14h30: Lunch

14h30-16h00: 4 Parallel Sessions  

Room A

Session A-II: Computer Simulation

Double Sided Hexagonal Bow – Tie Wired Antenna

Darwish Abd El Aziz Mohamed

A Simulation Model of IEEE802.11b for Performance Analysis of Wireless LAN Protocols

Isber Ibrahim, Abdulkader Alwer

Dispersion Compensation Using Tunable Chirped Apodized Far Off Resonance Fiber Bragg Gratings in Transmission

Mohammed Hany, Moustafa Aly, Mohammed Nasr

Cursor Movement Control Development by Using ANFIS Algorithm

Joseph Hodali, Maha Sleibi, Ilyaa’ Salsa’, Suhail Odeh  

Room B

Session B-II: Image Processing

Classification of Cerebrals Tumors by Separators Vast Margin

Chahinez Bentaouza, Mohamed Benyettou

Hierarchical Segmentation of Digital Mammography by Agents Competition

Ahlem Melouah, Hayet Farida Merouani, Yamina Bordjiba

A Robust Directional Filter Bank-Based Self Image Logo Watermarking Scheme Using Scalar Quantizer

Samy Ayesh, Khaled Mahar

The Slantlet Transform for Multispectral Image Fusion  

Walid Mahmmoud, Adnan Al-Helali, Tariq Ismaeel, Ahmad Fadhel

Hierarchical Multilevel Block Truncation Coding of Color Images  

Bushra Al-Abudi, Loay George

Room C

Session C-II: Information System & Geographical Information System  

A Decision-Making Model for Territory Planning: Integration of GIS and Artificial Neural Networks

Fatima Zohra Younsi, Djamila Hamdadou, Karim Bouamrane

Continuous Spatial Data Warehousing

Taher Omran Ahmed

A Basic Platform of Collaborative Filtering

Omar Nouali, Sabah Kirat, Hadjer Meziani

Spatial Ontologies Modelling and Approaches for The Prevention Systems Implementation of the Natural Risks “Landslides in Constantine Town”

Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi, Chaker Mezioud

Room D

Session D-II: Arabic Language Processing

Toward a Platform for Arabic Automatic Summarization 

Manel Ben Abdallah, Chafik Aloulou, Lamia Belguith

Arabic Named Entity Recognition : An SVM Based Approach

Yassine Benajiba, Mona Diab, Paolo Rosso

Arabic Broken Plural Recognition using a Machine Translation Technique

Abduelbaset Goweder, Ibrahim Almerhag, Anees Elnakoa

Toward a detection/correction system for the agreement errors in non-voweled Arabic texts

Makram Boujelben, Chafik Aloulou, Lamia Hadrich Belguith

16h00-16h30: Coffee Break  

16h30-18h00: 4 Parallel Sessions  

Room A

Session A-III: Internet & the Web

Usability of the Academic Websites of Jordan's Universities: An Evaluation Study

Suleiman Mustafa, Loai Al-Zoua'bi

Local Cluster Analysis: A New Approach for Evaluating Different Document Clustering Algorithms by Huge Corpora

Amir Hossein Jadidinejad, Fariborz Mahmoudi

An Anti-Spam System using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Abduelbaset Goweder, Traek Rashed, Ali Elbekai, Hassein Alhami

Using Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) as a solution for search result clustering

Hussam Dahwa Abdulla, Vaclav Snasel

A Semantic Annotation Method for Managing a Corporate Memory

Sonia Gueraich, Zizette Boufaida

Room B

Session B-III: Image Processing

Face identification Application for biometrics systems

Sana Fakhfakh, Walid Mahdi

Converting Fingerprint Local Features to Public Key Using Fuzzy Extractor

Mohammed Khalil, Dzulkifli Muhammad, Masroor Ahmed

Estimation of Anger, Sadness and Fear Expressions Intensity Based on the Belief Theory

Ghanem Khadoudja, Caplier Alice

Dental Biometric: Teeth Structure in Forensic Human Identification

Mohd Tarmizie Mohd Shahidan, Andrews Samraj, Nanna Suryana

Skin Texture Recognition using Neural Networks

Nidhal Abass El Abbadi, Nizar Saadi Dahir, Zaid Y. AL-Y

Room C

Session C-III: Special Session Data mining and data warehouses

A Framework for Active Data Warehouses

Sonia Bouattour, Riadh Ben Messaoud, Omar Boussaid, Hanene Ben Abdallah, Jamel Feki

ASSISTADMIN: A Tool to Assist Data Warehouse Administrator in Physical Design 
Kamel Boukhalfa Tahar Bidi

A Natural Language Approach for Data Mart Schema Design

Fahmi Bargui, Jamel Feki, Hanene Ben-Abdallah

Prediction in OLAP data cubes

Sabine Loudcher Rabaséda, Omar Boussaid, Anouck Bodin Niemczuk, Riadh Ben Messaoud

Room D

Session D-III: Digital Telecommunications 

Solitary wave solutions for the higher order nonlinear Schrödinger equation with higher order dispersion and cubic-quintic nonlinearities

Houria Triki, Thiab Taha

Ant Colony Optimization for Location Area Planning in Cellular Networks

Ahmed Elwhishi, Issmail Ellabib, Idris El-Feghi

Numeric implementation of a watermarking system

Wahid Barkouti, Adnen Cherif

Voice Over IP Calls  

Hedaya Alasooly


20:30-22:30: Presentation of HR-access Products  


Day 2                   Wednesday: December 17, 2008                               


08:00-09:00: Registration  

09:00-10:30: Keynote Speaker  

 Dr Abdelwaheb BELAID (University of Nancy 2, France)

Arabic Natural Language Processing

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break  

11:00-13:00: ACIT Steering Committee meeting  

11:00-13:00: 4 Parallel Sessions  

Room A

Session A-IV: AI & Expert Systems

Robot Localization

Amel Serrat, Mohamed Benyettou

VSMs with K-Nearest Neighbour to Categorise Arabic Text Data

Fadi Thabtah, Wael Hadi, Mohammed Mahafzah

A Computer Aided Digonsis Systems : Using Genetic Algorithm with Classifier of the K-Nearest neighbours

Suhail Odeh, Eduardo Ros, Ignacio Rojas

Fuzzy Artmap Classification of Biosignals for Motor Imaginary Brain Computer Interface

Vickneswaran Jeyabalan, andrews Samraj, Chu Kiong Loo

Fuzzy ARTMAP Based Feature Classification for Single Trial Brain-Computer Interface Design

Andrews Samraj, Chu Kiong Loo,  Kannan Ramakrishnan

Application of Artificial Neural Network in Cathodic Protection of Carbon Steel  

Ghalib A. Ali, Nizar Saadi Dahir

Room B

Session B-IV: E-Commerce & E-Learning

A framework for identifying the critical factors affecting the decision to adopt and use Inter-Organizational Information

Khoutir Bouchbout, Zaia Alimazighi

Trust Metrics Identification for Mobile Agents Protection

Meriem Zaïter, Salima Hacini, Zizette Boufaïda

Mining Students Data to Analyze Learning Behavior: A Case Study

Alaa El-Halees

E-Learning and Delivery Methods

Mudawi El-Musharaf, Sattar Aboud

Factor influencing adoption of E-Learning at University of Bahrain

Jaflah Alammary, Sharifa Hamad

Integral Implementation for Protecting Copyright in E-Education Systems

Khader Titi

E-learning Timetable Generator

Ahmed Abu Absa, Sana'a Al-Sayegh

Room C

Session C-IV: Database Systems   

Quantitative Association Rule Mining Using a Hybrid PSO/ACO Algorithm (PSO/ACO-AR)

Mohamed Habib, Abd El-Hay Sallam, Osama Badawy

User Constraints in discovering Association Rules Mining

Hassan Najadat, Mohammad Kharabsheh

Applying Attribute Level Locking to Decrease the Deadlock on Distributed Database

Alaa Hussein AL-Hamami, Khaled Salah Maabreh

Enhancement of Keywords Extraction from Relational Databases

Ossama Abu-Eid, Eyas El-Qawasmeh, Abdallah Al-Ashqur

Developing Role-Based Access Control for Database Systems

Salah A. Albermany, Hamza A. Ali  

Evaluation of some distributed database characteristics using ORACLE  

Esam Mohammed, Alla Saaed

Room D

Session D-IV: Arabic Language Processing

ArabTAG: a Tree Adjoining Grammar to Present Arabic Syntactic Structures

Fériel Ben Fraj, Chiraz Zribi, Mohamed Ben Ahmed

Towards Developing a Robust Large-Scale Parser for Arabic Sentences

Riadh Ouersighni

Agreement and word-ordering with Arabic Machine Translation

Mohammed Abu Shugier, Tengku Mohammed

An HPSG Analysis of Arabic Verb

Md. Shariful Islam Bhuyan

Proper Noun Extracting Algorithm for Arabic language

Riyad Al-Shalabi, Ghassan Kanaan, Bashar Al-Sarayreh, Ali Al-Ghonmein Ali Al-Ghonmein, Hamed Talhouni

Agreement and Word –Ordering with Arabic Machine Translation : A Rule-Based Approach

Mohammed Abu Shugier


13:00-14:30: Lunch

14:30           :  Excursion to Tunis city & Sidi Boussaid, and dinner in Gammarth    


Day 3                                         Thursday: December 18, 2008             


08:00-09:00: Registration  

09:00-10:30: Keynote Speaker  

Ali FARGHALY (Senior Member of Technical Staff, Text Group, Oracle USA, Redwood Shores, CA)  

                       Arabic NLP: Overview, State of the Art, Challenges and Opportunities       

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break  

11:00-13:00: 4 Parallel Sessions  

Room A

Session A-V: Software Engineering

An Aspect-Oriented Process for Reverse Engineering of Design Patterns

Berkane Mohamed Lamine, Boufaida Mahmoud

An ADL based on π-calcul for the analysis of the dynamic and mobile software architectures

Chaker Mezioud, Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi

The Design of a Complex Software System Using the IASA Software Architecture Approach

Djamal Bennouar, Abderrezak Henni, Abdelfettah Saadi

A framework based MDA for designing advanced and distributed applications

Boudouda Souheila, Boufaida Mahmoud

Room B

Session B-V: Pattern Recognition

A Combination Approach of GMMS and SVMS for Speaker Identification

Rafik Djemili, Hocine Bourouba, Cherif Amara Korba

Comparison of two Handwritten Arabic Zones Extraction Methods of complex documents

Fadoua Samoud, Samia Maddouri, Haikal El Abed, Noureddine Ellouze

Automatic Recognition of Arabic Word by Genetic Algorithms and MFCC Modeling

Fadila Maouche

Facial Expression Identification and Verification of People Using Muscle Movement Classification Using Multiple Emotions  

Afizan Azman

Fuzzy Art Network for Arabic Handwritten Recognition System  

Leila Chergui, Mohammed Benmohammed

Personal Palmprints Based-Identification using Liquid State Machine

Wassila Boukhari, Mohamed Benyettou

Fusion Face and Palmprint for Human Recognition Via Spectral Eigenvector

Hana'a M. Salman  

Room C

Session C-V: AI & Expert Systems

Development of a New Hash Searching Technique

Eyas El-Qawasmeh, Talal Kanan, Husam Kanan

A Multi-Agent Intelligent Decision Support System For an adaptive Interface: Application to a manufacturing system

Noria Taghezout, Wahhiba Seddikioui, Abdelkader Adla, Karim Bouamrane

Optimization of a Tree Automata Model for the Classification  

Souad Taleb Zouggar, Baghdad Atmani

The Impact of Classification Evaluation methods on Rough Sets Based Classifiers

Qasem Al-Radaideh

Voice Disorders Identification Using Multilayer Neural Network

Lotfi Salhi, Mourad Talbi, Saber Abid, Adnen Cherif

Design of Multi Wavelet Network Identifier for Multi input Multi Output Nonlinear Functions   

Yhya Kuraz

Room D

Session D-V: Computer Networks

Performance Optimization in Structured Wireless Sensor Networks

Amine Moussa, Hoda Maalouf

Optimizing the Average Network Throughput With Evolutionary Algorithms

Ahmed Younes, Moatamad Hassan

Auto-Organization and Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Maâmar Kef, Mohammed Benmohammed

Enhanced Approach for Improving the Performance of Mobile Ad Hoc Network  

Khalil Al-Shqeerat

Enhancing 802.11 Mac in High Load Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks

Nabil Ouazene, Azeddine Bilami

Mac layer and energy consumption

Mohamed Guerroumi, Samira Moussaoui, Nadjib Badache

Towards an Adaptation System for Wireless Telephone Networks

Derdour Makhlouf, Ghoualmi Nacira, Roose Philippe



13:00-14:30: Lunch

14:30-16:00: 4 Parallel Sessions  

Room A

Session A-VI: Software Engineering

To Parallelize or Not To Parallelize

Alaa Ismail El-Nashar

Software Components Assembly with an appreciation Margin of Quality

Mebarka Yahlali, Abdellah Chouarfia

A new process model for embedded systems control in Automotive Industry

Adnan Shaout, Tejas Chhaya

Room B

Session B-VI: Pattern Recognition

Facial Feature Extraction Based on Frequency Transforms:Comparative Study

Mohamed Bashir Hassan Ahmed, Izeldin Mohamed Osman, Moawia Elfacky Yahia

Local Linear Regression and Back Propagation Neural Network for Face Pose Normalization

Mohamed Bashir Hassan Ahmed, Izeldin Mohamed Osman, Moawia Elfaky Yahia

Indexing by recognition approach for printed Arabic documents images

Klaa Mohamed Amin, Touj Soufien, Essoukri Ben Amara Najoua

Protein Secondary Structure Prediction using RBF-DDA Algorithm

Ghania Khensous, Belhadri Messabih, Nacèra Benamrane

Room C

Session C-VI: Parallel & Distributed Systems

Neighbour Replication on Grid Daemon Configuration

Noraziah Ahmad, Mustafa Mat Deris, Roslina Mohd Sidek, Norhayati Rosli

Optimization Filtering Algorithm on a Cluster  

Yasmina Hernane, Mohamed Benyettou

An Automated Modeling and Verification of Distributed Manufacturing Process Based on Graph Transformation: Application to a Production Line

Amel Meliouh, Elhillali Kerkouche, Allaoua Chaoui

Multiprocessor Scheduling Based on Genetic Algorithms  

Intisar Al-Said, Firas Attia, Nedhal Al-Said

Room D

Session D-VI: Special Session: e-learning and accessibility

Student Modeling for E-learning Personalization

Koutheair Kheribi, Henda Chorfi

Multimedia courses generator for hearing impaired

Oussama Elghoul, Mohamed Jemni  

Personalization of E-Learning Scenarios

Fathi Essalmi, Leila Jemni Ben Ayed

Integration of accessibility requirements into the design of e-learning environments

Mohsen Laabidi, Mohamed Jemni

Dynamic Mobile Knowledge Toolkit

Nader Nada, Mohamed Kholief, Shehab Tawfik, Noha  Metwally



16:00-16:30: Coffee Break  

16:30-18:00: 4 Parallel Sessions  

Room A

Session A-VII: Software Engineering

On Practicality of Using Integrated Semi-Formal Modeling

Safaa Mohammed

Applications of Bioinformatics Databases to Predict the Secondary Structure using PYTHON Programming

Arulmugilan Pandian

Code Mobility Overview: A Software Engineering View

Laïd Kahloul, Allaoua Chaoui

Room B

Session B-VII: Computer Architecture

Placement and Routing of a loo2 Safety Related Architecture on FPGA  

Josef Boercsoek, Ali Hayek, Bashier Machmur, Muhammad Umar

Design interfacing Circuit to PC Via PC Ports for Monitoring, Controlling, Accounting, and Measurements

Murad Al-Absi

Run-Time Reconfigurable FFT Engine  

Ahmad Al-Allaf, Shefa Dawwd

Room C

Session D-VII: Parallel & Distributed Systems

Using Maximality-based Labeled Transition System as a Model for Petri Nets

Djamel Eddine Saïdouni, Nabil Belala, Messaouda Bouneb, Abdeldjalil Boudjadar, Boulares Ouchenne

A Modeling Approach of Mobile Agent-Based Systems Using UML 2.0 Diagrams   

Mohamed Redha Bahri, Rabah Mokhtari, Allaoua Chaoui

OTIS-Arrangement a New Proposed Efficient Network

Jehad Al-Sadi, Ahmed Awwad

Generalized Parallel Algorithms for BVPs in ODEs

Bashir M. Khalaf, Mohammed Wajid Al-Nema

Room D

Session D-VII: Algorithms & Applications

Inverse Kinematic using Artificial Immune System 

Serrat Amel, Benyettou Mohamed, Benchennane Ibtissam

FPGA Implementation and performance analysis of RC4A Stream Cipher

Abdullah Noman, Roslina B. Mohd. Sidek, Abdul Rahman B. Ramli, Liakot Ali

A Software Agent for the Automatic Creation of a PLC Program

Walid Aly

Reconfigurable Implementation of Karatsuba Multiplier for Galois Field in Elliptic Curves

Sameh Shohdy, Ashraf El-Sisi, Nabil Ismail


18:00-18:30: Best papers announcement & Closing session



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