ACIT'2013 Proceedings



Computer Network and Information Security


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Persistent Scheduler Based Call Admission Control for Long Term Evolution (3GPP) Networks

Vijay Franklin


Leakage Current And Dynamic Power Analysis Of Finfet Based 7t Sram At 45nm Technology

Saurabh Khandelwal, Dr Balwinder Raj, Dr R D Gupta.


Multimedia Education System for Deaf and Hear Impairment Children

Nour Eldin Elshaiekh, Banan Mursi, Mohammed Hussein.


Investigation and Optimization of high performance Schmitt trigger at Nanoscale CMOS Technology

Anshul Saxena, Akansha Shrivastava, Shyam Akashe.


A Transform Based 3D- Speech Scrambling Using Multi-Wavelet: Design and Evaluation

Hana'a M. A. Salman


A novel Mecannism for Securing Cloud Computing

Yasir Abdelgadir Mohamed


Simplified Online Signature Verification through Uncompromised Electrode Reduction in Data Gloves

Andrews Samraj, Kalvina Rajendran, Shohel Sayeed


Security in Virtual Private Networks: A review

Eman Osman, yasir Mohamed




Challenges of Computer Crime Investigation In North Africa's Countries

Mohamed Sarrab, Hamza Aldabbas, Mahmoud Elbasir




Hash Algorithm for Data Integrity based on Matrix Combination

Rushdi Hamamreh, Mohammed Jamoos.







Software Engineering

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K Semantics for Dynamic Software Architectures



Applying Model Driven Architecture Approach to Develop Software Systems – Case Study

Mohammed Abdalla Osman Mukhtar


Towards a Framework for the Curricula of Information Systems in the Arab Universities

Suleiman Hussein Mustafa


From UML 2.0 Interaction Fragments to PROMELA using a Graph Transformation Approach

Abdelkrim Amirat


Extreme Programming: Strengths and Weaknesses

Ahmad dalalah


Formal Development Of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Laid Kahloul, Allaoua Chaoui, Karim Djouani.


Social Web Services Development Based on MDA: Extending WSDL to Inject Social-QoS

Hichem Bouchakour Errahmani, Sidi Mohammed Benslimane.


A software product line for e-learning applications

Amina GUENDOUZ, Djamal Bennouar.


Extending the Technology Acceptance Model for Mobile Government Systems

Nisreen Beshir Osman


Using Combinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization to Automatic Service Identification

Mohamed Dbouk


Challenges Facing Small and Medium Enterprises for Implementing Software Process Improvement

Mohammed Merghany, Viju G K, Khalid Ahmed, Mohammed Jassim.


Using Combinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization to Automatic Service Identification

Mohamed El Amine, Sidi Mohamed Benslimane.



Comparison of The Workflow Management Systems Bizagi, ProcessMaker and Joget

Mohamed Abdelgader, Omer Dawood, Mohamedelhafiz Musa.



Integrating AHP Application for Project Management

Waled Alzober, Abdul Razak Yaakub.







AI and Expert systems


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Global analysis on subconscious feature applied to Emotional BDI architecture

Sid Ahmed Benlazaar.


A Hierarchical Fusion Strategy based Multimodal Biometric System

Youssef Elmir, Zakaria Elberrichi, Reda Adjoudj.


Centroid-Based Arabic Classifier

Abduelbaset Goweder, Mohummed Elboashi, Ali elbekai


Explanations in Recommender Systems: Overview and Research Approaches

Mohammed Al-Taie.


Predicting stock prices using data mining techniques

Qasem Al-Radaideh, Adel Abu Assaf.


Biometry: Face Recognition Applying Logistic Model Trees

Emir Kremic, Abdulhamit Subasi



Algorithm and Application

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ARSYPAR:A tool for parsing the Arabic language based on supervised learning

Nabil Khoufi, Chafik Aloulou, Lamia Hadrich Belguith


Improved Eye Detection and Iris Center Tracking with the Outer Corner Eyelashes Occlusion Correction

Sohel Rana, Zahidul Islam, Chil woo Lee


Redesign of Bellman-Ford Shortest Path Problem

Ahmed Musa


Implementing denoising by Bionic Wavelet Transform BWT in FPGA to simulate a hearing aid

Salaheddine Derouiche, Bachir Djedou, Chabbi Charef.


Mathematical relationship between external events in real-time systems and errors generated in these systems

Hamid Al-Raimi, Jamil Saif


Speech compression based on psychoacoustic model and a general approach for Filter Bank Design using Optimization

Talbi Mourad, Cherif Adnane


Parametric expressive speech model from xml file using transitory emotions

Mahmoud Neji


Mathematical Modeling and Technical Decision by using Fuzzy Method

Waail Mahmod Lafta Al-waely.


A dynamic programming approach to document clustering based on term sequence alignment

Rafi Muhammad, Shahid Mohammad.


Implementing The Classical Poker Method For Testing Randomness In Parallel With MATLAB

Wael Mohamed Fawaz


Signature Verification System Based on Support Vector Machine Classifier

Ahmed Abdelrahman, Ahmed Abdallah.


Preparing Mathematics teachers to integrate ICT in teaching using TPACK framework / TPACK

Noha Omer, Izzeldin Osman, Johannes Cronjé





Database system


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A framework for component and aspect oriented programming in java

Batoul Hocine, Djamal Bennouar.


Geometric Transformation of User Queries in Information Retrieval on the Web

Aicha Aggoune, Abdelkrim Bouramoul, Mohamed Khireddine.


A New Multidimensional Model for the OLAP of Documents Based on Facets

Omar Khrouf, kaïs Khrouf.


Using Nested Tables and Multi-pitch Adjusting in Harmony Search (NTMHS) to Solve Timetabling Problem in Object-Relational Model

Wadee Al-Qubati, Ammar Zahary, Abdulkadir Al-Abbadi.


New Distributed Research-Oriented Version Control System: Towards Total Traceability of Research Collaboration

Safa TAIEB, Layth Sliman, benoit charroux, Yvan Stroppa, Fathelalem Fadlalla


Management of QoS and Data Freshness in Real-Time Data Warehouses using Feedback Control Scheduling

Issam Hamdi, Emna Bouazizi, Jamel Feki.


  image processing











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